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"Whoever eats My Flesh and drinks My Blood

has eternal life,

and I will raise him up at the last day."

"If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word;

and My father will love him,

and We will come to him

and make Our home with him."

(St.  John 6:54 and 14:23)

Welcome to Our Parish Website!

We welcome you to our website of ST. INNOCENT ORTHODOX CHURCH IN REDFORD, MICHIGAN. We are a small, new-calendar ("revised Julian") parish under the Moscow Patriarchate. Our church is located in Redford Township, on the western side of Metropolitan Detroit, at 23300 W. Chicago, Redford, MI  48239 (just east of Telegraph). The parish was established in 1967 as an English-speaking parish by the American-born descendants of those who came here from Eastern Europe in the beginning of the 20th century, and named in honor of St. Innocent, the first Bishop of Irkutsk (an eastern Siberian city). Today the parish is comprised of Americans of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, including many converts, and a few immigrants. Although the services are celebrated following the Russian musical and liturgical traditions, they are almost entirely in English. We look forward to commemorating our 50th anniversary in 2017.

To read more about the parish history and its life today click here.

To view an article that depicts all of our numerous iconsclick here.

To see photos of our extensive and beautiful gardens, click here.

For monthly, printable calendars with all our services, click here.

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12/8/16, Latest/next week's bulletin: for the 25th Sunday After Pentecost, December 11thclick here.

12/1/16,Previous/current week's bulletin: for the 24th Sunday After Pentecost, December 4thclick here.

11/28/16,   St. Innocent Church Monthly Calendar: for Month of December click here


NEW ARTICLES, added under the "Articles" tab:

9/30/16, "How to Catch Fish," by Sdn. Dr. Joshua Genig (includes printable PDF file): click here.

9/8/16, "Let it be Unto Me: Listening to Homilies Today," by Sdn. Dr. Joshua Genig (includes printable PDF file): click here     (to be added soon)


NEW PHOTOS, added under the 'Photos & News' tab:

11/17/16, "Bishop John's Visit & the Ordination of Fr. Dn. Joshua Genig, 11/12/16," slide-show and news article: click here


10/26/16, "Chrismation of Henry Joseph Hancock, 10/23/16," slide-show and news article: click here


10/18/16, "St. Elias Church, Battle Creek, 50th Anniversary, 10/15/16," slide-show and news article of our sister-parish's gala celebration: click here


10/13/16, "Baptism & Chrismation of infant Andrew Jason Wess, 9/11/16" slide-show and news article: click here 

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11/24/16, Do plan to attend the 2nd Annual Metro-Detroit Inter-Orthodox Christmas Concert on Sunday, December 11th, at 6:00 pm, at St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, 4575 E Outer Dr, Detroit, located on Van Dyke at Outer-Drive (SW corner), a few blocks south of 8 Mile Rd. Seven different choirs will sing hymns and carols of Greece, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, the Middle-East, and traditional English Nativity selections, plus a general sing-a-long of traditional Christmas carols. For further details, and to view the beautiful detailed flyer, go to:

11/11/16, A new issue of GOOD WORKS, the issue, is now available on-line and in a printed version. GOOD WORKS is the COCC's marvelous bi-monthly publication that is available in FULL-COLOR on-line, and as a 2-color printed version, with full-color front and back covers. The 2-color printed version of the SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER ISSUE IS NOW AVAILABLE on-line at: Printed copies in 2-colors are available now at church or by mail. You can pick up a copy on the left front pew at church. If you can't get there, ask Sister Ioanna ( to mail a copy to you. Every bi-monthly issue is expertly and artistically done, with many interesting articles on varied topics, with numerous photos.

9/28/16, On Sunday, September 25th, DOOR Radio's interview with Fr. Roman Star about the new organization, "One Redford," was broadcast on DOOR Radio. Fr. Roman is the Co-Chair and one of the 8 co-founding Redford clergy of the "One Redford" organization. The purpose of "One Redford" is to bring together the people of Redford Township and build a sense of a unified community based on open interactions between the residents, churches, schools, businesses, police, courts, fire departments and Township officials, in order to prevent interracial clashes, such as have occurred in other communities in the nation, and, if clashes might occur, to have already laid down the community interracial bridges to defuse  further violence. One of the other Redford clergy involved, also participates in the interview. You can listen to the interview in the archived past programs (Program #70, September 25th) at

5/4/15, updated. THE DETROIT ORTHODOX RADIO HOUR (DOOR) programming is now broadcasting live on-line, with the launching of a new website in September 2015,  You now have a choice of listening to the weekly program on your radio at WNZK-690-AM, or on your computer at their website live, between 4:00 and 5:00 pm each Sunday. If you are not available to listen to the live program, all previous weekly programs are archived on their website, so you can listen at your convenience. Plus, there is additional interesting information on the website about the history of Orthodox radio in Detroit, about the production of the programs and the volunteers who create and produce the programs. These weekly Orthodox radio-hour programs are sponsored by the Metro-Detroit Council of Orthodox Christian Churches (COCC). The inaugural program was on the Feast of Pentecost, May 31st, 2015. The radio programs are excellently planned, organized and assembled by a group of volunteers, with a variety of topics, voices and speakers.

12/18/15, ST. INNOCENT CHURCH WAS SPOT-LIGHTED ON 'DOOR' ON SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6th. Detroit's weekly Orthodox Radio Hour that airs every Sunday between 4:00 and 5:00 on WNZK-690-AM and on-line at broadcasted a special 6-minute "Parish Spotlight" about our St. Innocent Church. If you missed it on December 6th, you can listen to it in the Archived programs at: It is program #28, and the "Parish Spotlight" starts at minute #36.

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Prepared in 2007 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the parish, a fascinating 2-hour photo-history DVD that documents the 40-year life of the parish, including all of its numerous icons, is available. It contains about 1500 photos with a carefully-integrated narration and background music. (To obtain a copy, contact Fr. Roman: 313-538-1142 or

On July 27th, 2014, we started having our weekly bulletin available here on our church website. Each week has its own separate sub-page under our "Weekly Bulletin" tab. Pull down the tab to select each week's bulletins.

Associated with the parish is the St. Innocent of Alaska Monastic Community, that does many things to assist in the life and ministry of the parish and its priest. To read more about the St. Innocent Community and its ministry click here.

Our website contains more than 70 articles about different aspects of our Orthodox Faith under the Articles tab/section, including about 35 (mostly short) articles, prayers and poems, saints' lives, plus the recent new articles written for the COCC's (Council of Orthodox Christian Churches) bi-monthly "Good Works" periodical, plus special, concise 'Meditations' about Sunday Gospel readings by our Subdeacon Dr. Joshua Genig. In addition, our web-host, Orthodox Web Solutions, provides a very excellent section of extensive, detailed instruction about the Orthodox faith (the separate pages appear to be chapters of a book) under the About Orthodoxy articles section (at the bottom).

The  Photos & News tab contains numerous archived photos and events, listed by the year, including slide-shows of Fr. Roman's 30th Anniversaries' celebration (2014), Elizabeth and Larry's wedding (2014), Fr. Roman and Matushka Rose Marie's 40th wedding anniversary (2007) and the parish's 40th anniversary (2007).

Pull down the About Our Parish tab for a number of other pages: Our Clergy, Our Gardens, Our Services, Directions, Parish Activities, and the Life of St. Innocent of Irkutsk. (See a second and very different Life of St. Innocent in the  Saints' Lives section of our Articles section.)

To contact the webmaster, send a message  to:

A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO OUR  VISITORS: Are you already an Orthodox Christian and new to the Metro-Detroit area, and looking for a parish home? Or are you already a Metro-Detroit resident and looking for a different parish? Or are you perhaps still on your personal spiritual quest — your faith-journey? Are you looking for a small, intimate 4-generational church family that welcomes everyone regardless of ethnic, racial or social background? Are you searching for a church home where you can sincerely worship God in Spirit and in Truth in the 2,000-year unbroken line of the Orthodox Church that goes back to Christ Himself and to His Apostles? If so, then we cordially invite you to visit us and worship with us, and consider making St. Innocent your church home. If you are not satisfied with your present spiritual life and yearn to know God on a deeper level, we invite you to explore the Orthodox Church and its 2,000-year Faith. If you are searching for "something more," and wish to encounter the fullness of historic Christianity and the riches of the Orthodox worship and spiritual life, we would be happy to explain things to you, answer your questions, and instruct you in the Orthodox Faith, to see if your personal quest to know and worship God more fully would be satisfied in the Orthodox Church with its lively Faith, worship and spiritual life. You are cordially invited to visit us and "come and see."

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