St. Innocent Orthodox Church
Redford, MI - Moscow Patriarchate




Thought for the Month:

Watch, therefore, and pray that you enter not into temptation.  Such prayers warn you that you need the Lord’s help.  You shouldn’t rely on yourself to live well. 

Augustine, Letter 218, §3


Welcome to the St. Innnocent Orthodox Church Website

We are deeply committed to being obedient to Christ within a world that is dying to live!  

We are a small, new-calendar ("revised Julian") parish under the Moscow Patriarchate. Our parish is located in Redford Township at 23300 W. Chicago (Redford, MI  48239), just East of Telegraph. The parish was established in 1967 as an English-speaking parish, named in honor of St. Innocent, the first Bishop of Irkutsk (an Eastern Siberian city). Today, the parish is comprised of Americans of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, incluing numerous converts. The services are celebrated according to the Russian musical and liturgical traditions and are almost entirely in English. We joyfully celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2017!

Typical Weekly Schedule:

Friday Divine Liturgy - 10 AM

Saturday Great Vespers - 4 PM

Sunday Hours and Confessions - 9:30 AM

Sunday Divine Liturgy - 10 AM


  • You are welcome here. Relax, and enjoy your visit. No one is judging you. 
  • We will not do anything to embarrass you, or that will make you uncomfortable. 
  • Our children worship with us. If you have young children, they are welcome here, too. If you need to step out for a minute for any reason, you are not disturbing us. We expect children to be raised in the Church and to accomplish that, they have to be IN THE CHURCH.
  • If you are an Orthodox Christian, and you have prepared yourself to receive Holy Communion according to your Spiritual Father’s direction, be sure to introduce yourself to a priest before the service. Once you have informed the priest of your status, you are welcome to approach the chalice.

We are part of the worldwide Orthodox Church – the oldest Christian Church in the world. We welcome you to pray with us and grow with us, by the power of God's infinite mercy and love. You are warmly invited to "come and see." 

Visit us on facebook: @stinnocentredford

23300 W. Chicago

Redford, MI 48239