/ Our Parish / Shrine of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco

St. Innocent Russian Orthodox Church is blessed to have a shrine dedicated to St. John the Wonderworker of Shanghai and San Francisco. By the intercession of St. John and the kindness of the late Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Outside of Russia, we received a relic of St. John from The Holy Virgin Cathedral (Joy of All Who Sorrow) in San Francisco and carried him to his new home at our parish.

Upon the arrival of the relic and icon of St. John on 15 March 2020, prior to the start of the Divine Liturgy, the Saint was greeted at the doors of the temple. Following the Divine Liturgy, the Akathist to St. John was served and his relic and icon were processed around the temple, asking for his intercession and protection. Finally, the relic and icon were placed in a newly-constructed shrine to this wonderworking Saint.

The presence of St. John was particularly protective during the time of COVID-19. Through his prayers and assistance, St. Innocent never closed her doors, never stopped serving, never required masks, never limited the number of those in attendance, and never altered her sacramental life.  

Anyone interested in venerating his holy relic may do so before, during, and after all Divine Services, as well as by appointment. Oil from the lampada at the shrine is also available for anointing and for the faithful to take home for devotional use.

The faithful are also encouraged to write letters to St. John and place them directly under his icon and relic or in his outdoor chapel. Presently, thousands of letters have been received at St. John's shrine. 

St. John the Wonderworker, intercede for us!

Akathist to St. John