Chrismations, Fran & Ken Roy - 08/06/17

The glorious feast day of the Transfiguration of Christ, that fell on a Sunday this year, was even more glorious than usual at St. Innocent Orthodox Church in Redford, Michigan. This is because the parish had the great joy of receiving into Christ's Holy Orthodox Church two more catechumens, Frances Dimitria and Kenneth Paul Roy. Just prior to the beginning of the Divine Liturgy, they were received from the Roman Catholic Church through the Sacrament of Holy Chrismation. Having made their Holy Confession at Great Vespers the night before, they received Absolution during the Rite of Reception. And the highlight of this fulfillment of their spiritual quest was when they united themselves with Christ by receiving Holy Communion. The sponsors/godparents were Sister Ioanna and William Basil Davis. Presiding at the Rite of Reception and Sacraments was St. Innocent's Pastor, the Mitered Archpriest Fr. Roman Star, assisted by Priests Fr. Daneil Shirak and Fr. Joshua Genig.