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Brookside (Birmingham), Alabama

(Central States Deanery  of the Moscow Patriarchal Parishes)

Pastor, Fr. Paul Davis

Pastor Emeritus, Mitered Archpriest Benedict Tallant



"The Lord will  take delight in you... He will sing and be joyful over you... (Zephaniah 3:17)

God Bless You on Your Success!

It's wonderful when good things happen to a special person like you!

Dear Father Roman,

May God continue to bless your ministry and grant you an additional 30 years, at least.

St. Nicholas Parish, Brookside, Alabama

Father Paul and Matushka Brigid

Father Benedict and Matushka

William & Allison Davis

Patrick & Marie Cumbie

Anna Schmidtke

Elizabeth Beck

John Duchock

Rhonda McCracken

Martha Trammell

Reader Alexander Kovalev

Natalia Alred

Becky Beek

John, Dorothy & Catherine