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Protodeacon Daniel Sudol

505 Fieldstone Terrace

Wyckoff, New Jersey 07481

(201) 248-2082 +++ fax (201) 847-2694



Mitered Archpriest Roman Star

St. Innocent Orthodox Church

Redford, Michigan


Dear Fr. Roman:

I just want to add a few words to congratulate you on your 30th Anniversary in the Priesthood. I remember your ordination here in our area 30 years ago. Time has passed too quickly.

I also remember coming to your area to serve with Bishop CLEMENT, now Metropolitan CLEMENT. You were very concerned about our accommodations, but decided that we must stay in your rectory. I think you had the children sleep on the couch downstairs giving us the two rooms upstairs. For me, it was the start of mid-western hospitality that I will always remember.

 As a Protodeacon, I travelled many times to your area and always enjoyed your hospitality, but mostly your spirituality in the Divine Services. You bring people together serving Christ faithfully and you are a very involved Dean. Continue doing ‘good deeds’ in your service to the Lord for many, many years.    

 Yours in Christ,

 Protodeacon Daniel Sudol  

Three Saints Russian Orthodox Church

Garfield, New Jersey